Company Profile

Our Founder -Bob Moss

Business Coach | Entrepreneur | Experienced Company Director

Automotive Industry Leader

A seasoned Automotive professional and Business Strategist with a career in the automotive industry encompassing technical roles, business development, operations, Management and business ownership. Offers strategic leadership, solutions development and decision making in strategic partnership, customer solutions, and international team management.

Established in 2003, Summit Automotive is now recognised as an industry leader and entrepreneur, via providing business assistance solutions to Vehicle Manufacturers, Vehicle Distributors and Automotive Dealers with Fixed Operations (Service & Parts).

Summit Automotive has broken new ground exploiting gaps in the market.

Professional achievements include developing the first National Automotive Owner Retention Measurement Program in Australia that went on to be expanded as a National program for Hyundai, then Holden /GM.

Bob Moss International Business Coach


Summit Automotive Pty Ltd was formed in February 2003. It was founded by Bob Moss, who is now the CEO. Bob prefers to be known as a Business Coach.

The company’s absolute focus is on Customer Retention. We do anything that will assist in Retaining Customers, in turn assisting your business. We work in any area of Fixed Operations (Parts and Service), as this is where the customer touch-points impact on vehicle owners’ future intentions.

The company is set up to work with Vehicle Manufacturers, Vehicle Distributors and Automotive Dealers to assist them in enhancing the Fixed Operations areas of their automotive business.

Today, Summit Automotive can offer Manufactures, Distributors and Dealers a complete range of services, through its experienced team of professionals and its worldwide network.

Summit Automotive is experiencing rapid expansion within the local region as a result of a significant gap in the Australian market, which until now, no other business could fill without the support of an experienced International team.

Summit continues to break new ground as it expands.

Summit Automotive is a worldwide company with an excellent track record in delivering outstanding service and results in Coaching and Training in the area of Fixed Operations for the industry, in large or small Vehicle Manufacturer, Automotive Distributor and Automotive Dealer operations.

Summit Automotive

Our Approach

  • Founded the business and established the operations of the company, which was set up to work in assisting Vehicle Manufacturers, Vehicle Distributors and Automotive Dealers with Fixed Operations (Service & Parts) areas of the Business.
  • Direct all business operations in Australia, the Pacific & Asia, including any incremental international business that occurs as a result of the automotive activities in this region.
  • Networked with all levels of management in the Motor Industry on operational, industry and profitability matters; Work across a range of dealerships from small operations to the most extensive in the motor industry. Summit Automotive is currently contracted to Toyota New Zealand and assists with Service Operations Profitability.
  • Regularly engages with the owners of multi-million-dollar Motor Vehicle Businesses around Australia and in South East Asia.
  • Works over approximately 40 Retail Dealer Service Operations a year; Since 2003 have provided training for companies such Toyota, GM, Kia, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, FCA and more.
Summit Automotive

Other Business Acumen’s

  • Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Entrepreneurship, Business Acumen
  • Business Administration, Finance, Pricing
  • Operations Management, Warehousing, Distribution
  • Compliance – Legal, Operations
  • International Business – Asia and Pacific, Australia
  • Strategic Partnership, Relationship Management
  • Business Development: Client Acquisition, Retention
  • Business Communications, PR, Media Engagement
  • Leadership, Management, Staff Training
Summit Automotive


How the Company Functions

Through worldwide partnerships with automotive Manufacturers, Distributors and Dealers we focus on the design and execution of a wide range of profit-building and cost-saving initiatives.

Each program is custom-tailored to match our clients’ individual needs. We identify ways to build upon existing business strengths and seek out new growth opportunities.

Examples: customer loyalty, customer retention, and profitability.

Customer confidence and satisfaction is our Goal. We live off our reputation.


Worldwide Office (Gold Coast)
PO Box 1747
Runaway Bay 4216
Queensland Australia