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General Products

  • Dealer Service Department Profitability Assessment and Consulting.
  • Dealer Parts Department Profitability Assessment and Consulting.
  • Dealer Compliance/Assessment Service.
  • Dealer Retention Measurement can be arranged using Dealer hard data. This can complement CSI.
  • Body Shop Assessment and Consulting.
  • Dealer Services & Parts Training.
  • Design and construction on-line training courses for Service, Parts and Warranty.
  • Manufacturer/Dealer operations manuals design and construction for Service, Warranty and Parts.
  • A full Warranty Audit for Manufactures or large dealer Groups. Modern fast fully automated system.

Training Course

  • Management Training
    • Service Profitability and Customer Satisfaction
    • Monitoring Performance
    • Financial Analysis and Forecasting
    • Service and Parts Merchandising
    • Facility Utilization
    • Maximizing the Production Staff
  • Customer Contact Staff Training
    • Basic Service Advisor Course
    • Customer Consulting Proccess
    • Selling Appointment
    • The Appointment Process in Depth
    • The Active Delivery Process
    • The Professional Service Advisor
    • Overcoming Customer Objections
  • Warranty
    • Warranty & Policy
    • Warranty Claim Compilation
    • New Warranty Clerk Introduction and revision
    • Online Claim Entry
    • Dealer Face to face (in-house)